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Welcome to Thanet Music


  • The aim of this wiki is to share information on music in Thanet and and around (Canterbury, Dover, Faversham… all of East Kent)
  • It was originally at but has been migrated across — apologies for anything lost en route
  • There are lots of sites for rock & pop music but not many for classical etc. so that is the focus here
  • We'll try to include information on various groups or individuals active in the Thanet area, and also on their concerts
  • We'll also include historical information (e.g. on groups that no longer exist or individuals who have died)
  • Please join the Wiki and contribute! That also means you don't see the adverts. :-)
  • If unsure where to start, click on Contents to the left, and look through the list of pages - the Links page is particularly full of detail

To share information on local concerts, encourage attendance and avoid clashes…

  • There is a Facebook group "Thanet Classics" at
  • For those not on Facebook, the event information there is sometimes exported to a Google Calendar (you need a Google ID to view it) at - but (a) Wallflux is temperamental so it doesn't always work (b) People are temperamental so even if they do post the info on Facebook, they often do it as images rather than creating Events, so it's useless for any other purpose. :-(
  • Those on neither Facebook nor Google can sometimes view a simplified list via Evernote, at (no login required) - but again, the conversion doesn't always work. If in doubt, the Facebook link works best (if all the other stuff on Facebook annoys you, ignore it!)
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Featured Article: Links

Links to numerous musical groups, venues, etc. in and around Thanet

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